Friday, June 3, 2011

Cape City Council to look at "nuisance party" ordinance

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KRCU) - Any college town that is home university knows that college parties are a fact of life.

However, a group of residents near Southeast Missouri State University's campus is finally putting its foot down… saying enough is enough.

The group has managed to get an ordinance on the schedule at next Monday’s City Council Meeting.

Councilmen John Voss says he is acutely aware that some of his constituents struggle with the all night cacophony.

He says he will support an ordinance that takes a much harder line on punishing party hosts.

"There’s two additional measures, one is the host of the party can now be fined or summoned and then if the party is not dispersed upon the first command or communication from law enforcement, then there is also the ability to fine the host for that as well," Voss said.

A similar ordinance is on the books in Columbia Missouri.

However, fraternities and sororities both feel that they are both being singled out.

While many ‘Greeks’ are willing to admit that their parties can be a bit loud, they still feel such an ordinance is not a good move.

One such fraternity member, Bryan Huff, feels that it would be more fruitful for the citizens of Cape to work with the Greeks.

"I wish that there was more communications going on with the people that this is an issue with as opposed to just trying to a-go about this way. Like… like I said I mean it seems like there’s ways we could be worked with, this type of issue as opposed to just trying to work against cuz I think it is just going to lead to bigger problems," Huff said.

While Huff says he understands what the community is trying to achieve, he feels Greek life would be easily assaulted by such measures.

Tim Filla, KRCU


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