Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fire kills two toddlers, one adult in Chaffee

CHAFFEE, MO (KRCU) - A house fire early Wednesday morning killed two toddlers and an adult in Chaffee. A fourth person was also in the house. She is being treated at St. John’s Mercy Hospital in St. Louis.

Twenty-one year old Andrew Biler died in the blaze, as well as three-year old Jaden Nicholson and two-year old Bryton Nicholson.

Chaffee Fire Chief Sam Glency says that the loss has been hard on this small community.

“You know, I’ve been in this fire service for going on 17 years. I’ve been the fire chief for 3 years. And this doesn’t come easy. You never get used to it,” Glency said.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. Fire marshalls are investigating a cause. It does not appear to be intentional.

Glency says that the fire likely started in a bedroom in the back of the house.

Fire crews from Chaffee, Scott City, and Delta put out the fire within an hour and fifteen minutes.

Jacob McCleland, KRCU


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