Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Missouri unemployment rate holds steady

The latest numbers from the Missouri Department of Economic Development indicate that the unemployment rate is holding steady in Missouri.

The state’s unemployment rate held even at 8.9 percent in both April and May … the lowest level of unemployment since April 2009. The national unemployment rate is 9.1 percent.

Missouri Department of Economic Development spokesperson John Fougere says that much of the growth came from manufacturing.

He adds that it will be interesting to see how the floods and the catastrophic tornado in Joplin will affect employment trends moving forward.

“There’s just this terrible loss for people who lose their jobs, lose their homes. On the flip side of that, when the rebuilt begins, there tends to be sometimes a bit of an economic effect where things pick because, again, there is going to be a lot economic activity that is tied to the rebuild,” Fougere said.

More information about specific counties that were affected by flooding will be released next week.

Jacob McCleland, KRCU


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