Thursday, June 30, 2011

Senator Blunt: Tax talks are a waste of time

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is pleased that President Obama is focusing more on the debt, however he is fed up with the talk of raising taxes.

Senator Blunt voiced his opinion Wednesday that the President is using the Republicans’ refusal to increase taxes as a means of avoiding serious financial debate.

Blunt is pleased with the President’s entrance into the financial debate… but he views it as a last minute one.

Senator Blunt says that the focus needs to be on spending … not on taxes.

“His party had total capacity to raise them. If they couldn’t raise them when they had those big majorities, there’s no way they are going to raise them now. So not only would I not be for it, but it’s a waste of time conversation, it’s not going to happen,” Blunt said.

Senator Blunt also says the President needs to stop looking at what he wants to do. Instead he needs to start looking at what he can do.

Tim Filla, KRCU


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