Monday, January 24, 2011

Dickerson no longer CEO of Hometown Innovation Team

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KRCU) - Hometown Innovation Team's new CEO says that the proposed Watch Me Smile dental and vision center will continue as planned.

Angie Kapp took over as CEO following the departure of Weaver Dickerson on December 29, who created a maelstrom of controversy after if was discovered that he was on probation for writing bad checks.

Despite this speed bump, Kapp says the company intends to continue with plans. "It has a lot of great benefits for Cape Girardeau and the surrounding areas. So we do move plan to move forward," Kapp says. 
It is not clear if Dickerson resigned or was fired. Dickerson lied on application materials for Community Development Block Program loans and Quality Job Tax Credits from the state. He falsely stated that nobody on the company's board was on probation. 
The state of Missouri offered $750,000 in low-interest loans and $1.3 dollars in tax credits for the start-up. The state quickly rescinded the economic assistance following the discovery of Dickerson's legal history. 

Kapp points out that the $1.3 million in tax credits would not even be in play until the first 20 new jobs were created, and that the $750 thousand in state loans would have to be paid back.

Jacob McCleland


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