Friday, July 15, 2011

Humane Society takes custody of 70 dogs

ST. LOUIS, MO (ST. LOUIS PUBLIC RADIO) - The Humane Society of Missouri has officially taken custody of more than 70 dogs from a breeder in southwest Missouri. 
Attorney General Chris Koster filed suit against the breeder, Linda Brisco, in June. The dogs, which arrived in St. Louis Thursday, are the first seized under Missouri’s new Canine Cruelty Prevention Act.

Koster says he will prosecute Brisco for the new crime of canine cruelty.

“But we are very pleased that the defendant in question was willing to sign a consent judgment to give the Humane Society the authority to bring these dogs to provide them with the kind of veterinary care, the safe haven that they deserve,” Koster said.

Koster says Brisco was not providing adequate food and water for the dogs, and would routinely use gunshots as a method of euthanasia.

There are currently 12 active investigations into violations of the new law, and Koster says a lawsuit should be filed in one of them next week.

Rachel Lippmann, St. Louis Public Radio
Photo: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster (left) with rescued puppies.


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