Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sikeston entrepreneur enters race for Mo. House

SIKESTON, MO (KRCU) - A Sikeston entrepreneur entered the ring to take Ellen Brandom’s place in the Missouri House of Representatives. Holly Rehder will seek the Republican nomination in Missouri’s 160th District, which covers New Madrid, Scott and parts of Cape Girardeau County.

Rehder owns and runs Integrity Communication with her husband in Sikeston. She thinks her business experience will be an asset in the General Assembly.

"We all know that small business is the engine of our economy and right now the economy is what needs to be focused on," Rehder said. "And when we have, you know, certain lawmakers who don’t mind putting more regulation and more regulation on the back of small businesses, it’s just crushing us. And I think we need more people who have more skin in the game who don’t mind to stand there and fight and hold the line."

Rehder has also served as a staffer for Jo Ann Emerson. She says that she holds Emerson and Ellen Brandom as political models and mentors.

Brandom is seeking to replace Jason Crowell in Missouri Senate. Crowell cannot run again due to term limits, though he is considering a run for state-wide office.

Jacob McCleland, KRCU


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