Monday, July 4, 2011

St. Joseph officials concerned over flood's economic impact

ST. JOSEPH (KXCV) - Northwest Missouri’s largest city dealing with rising Missouri River flood water is struggling with policy versus potential economic impact.

St. Joseph officials have plans in place for both voluntary and mandatory evacuations but are concerned about clearing out its south-side industrial park area.

City spokeswoman Mary Robertson says forced evacuations of businesses will be case-by-case.

"Given the duration of this long-term event, if we rise to 31 and a half feet, we could stay there for 60 days," Robertson said.

"You might have a business in the south side that is not inundated by water - is not effected by river levels and we want to have them be able to sustain their operations and would want to work. But we would insist they have their own preparations- their own plan- in place, would work with the city, and make sure the city is very comfortable with their plans."

Missouri River levels at St. Joseph are forecast to drop slightly until Tuesday morning.

Kirk Wayman, KXCV


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