Friday, March 18, 2011

Blunt on debt ceiling

The Obama Administration wants more room for U.S. debt, but that’s not sitting well with Missouri’s Republican Senator.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner asked a Congressional subcommittee on appropriations on Wednesday to raise the debt ceiling, saying it has to be done because “there’s no alternative.”

Missouri GOP Senator Roy Blunt says unless lawmakers include fundamental changes in the way the feds spend money, he won’t vote for a rise in the country’s debt ceiling.

“I don’t believe Congress would do that and things that both change the budget process and impose controls on the federal government like a balanced budget amendment would are the kind of things that need to be not just part of the discussion by the determination to move forward with the debt ceiling,” Blunt says.

Blunt says last year was the first time since the early 1970s that both houses failed to pass a budget or a single appropriations bill.

Kirk Wayman, KXCV


I agree that we should not take on anymore debit than necessary. I do not agree on how the GOP is eroding women's rights in order to keep the budget balanced. Try not killing people in other countries in order to keep the budget balanced.

That reminds me... May 4th is coming up, Kent State Day. That is when our own country killed it's own citizens.

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