Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Democrats "just aren't trying" on budget, Blunt says

Republican Senator Roy Blunt said on Tuesday that he doesn’t see a whole lot of room for compromise with Democrats on the federal budget.

Missouri’s junior Senator said that if Democrats cannot accept the House’s sixty billion dollar budget reduction, then they quote, “just aren’t trying.”

Blunt then backtracked a bit, laying out fertile ground where both parties have expressed a desire to cut spending: government agency redundancy.

A new Government Accountability Office report, released yesterday, highlights areas where multiple government agencies are essentially doing the same thing.

“The 80 different programs for economic development, the 20 different programs for homelessness, the 15 different programs for food safety. If you just combine the duplicative agencies into one purpose, you would save $100 to $200 billion,” Blunt said.

In other news, Blunt denied having any insider knowledge into Peter Kinder’s potential run for the governorship, but he expressed his confidence in the Lieutenant Governor’s experience.

Jacob McCleland, KRCU


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