Thursday, March 10, 2011

Southeast's new Global Cultures degree melds various disciplines

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KRCU) - Southeast Students studying Anthropology, Global Studies, or Foreign Languages will now attain a B.A. in Global Cultures and Languages, with an emphasis in their respective fields. Specific courses are laid out to fit the needs of each emphasis of study. 

In the past, students have been able to acquire a Bachelors degree in these specific areas with a separate distinction recognized amongst the areas of study. Now these three areas of study will be grouped together in a department known as The Department of Global Cultures and Languages.

At a Wednesday meeting, Department Chair Dieter Jedan said his program is doing something that is in step with many universities. 

"Every other university in the state of Missouri pretty much is following our lead. They all made the same change. And nation-wide also, well over 50% of the language departments have already made this change or are in the process of making this change," Jedan said.

Students who have already declared their major in these areas will be grandfathered in to finish their degrees without any changes, but future students will be required to now study towards a degree in this new department.

Daniel Rohr, KRCU


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