Wednesday, March 30, 2011

House passes amendment to cut Governor's travel money

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (MISSOURI DIGITAL NEWS) - The Missouri House passed an amendment stripping the Governor's office of additional travel funds.

House Budget Chairman Ryan Silvey has criticized the governor for charging his travel to other state agencies and supported the effort Tuesday to make more cuts to the governor's budget.

"We have got a pretty simple choice here," Silvey said. "Do we let the governor continue flying around excessively on a state plane or do we help kids in inner-city St. Louis who need a leg up?"

Democratic St. Louis City Representative Jamilah Nasheed offered the amendment which would take money from the governor's travel budget to a dropout prevention program in St. Louis.

Nasheed's amendment along with the rest of Missouri's budget passed.

The Governor's office said Nixon would give the proposals a fair review, as Nixon himself visited the St. Louis area.

Jordan Shapiro, Missouri Digital News


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