Monday, August 15, 2011

Japanese print exhibition comes to River Campus museum

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KRCU) - The Crisp Museum at Southeast Missouri State University’s River Campus is featuring a new exhibition today of Japanese wood panel prints. 

The Floating World: Ukiyo-E Prints date from Japan’s Edo period between 1600 and 1868.

Most of the prints were made for posters and advertisements. Following the opening of Japan to the West, these prints because popular among the Impressionists in Europe, according to museum director Peter Nguyen.

"If you examine a print by Van Gogh and you look at a Japanese print from this period, you can see the similarities, or at the influence from the Japanese prints on our Impressionist artists and post-Impressionists artists," Nguyen says.

The exhibition will run through October 23.

Financial assistance for the exhibition is provided by the Missouri Arts Council.
Jacob McCleland, KRCU
Image: Oji, Taki no Kawa (The Waterfall River at Oji)


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