Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Judge rules against Commander Premier

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KRCU) - The Commander Premier saga is one step closer to a conclusion.

A bankruptcy judge in Texas sided against the airplane manufacturer and in favor of the City of Cape Girardeau Tuesday. Commander Premier did not send representatives to appear in front of judge Bill Parker.

The decision opens the door for the city to proceed with Commander’s eviction from the city-owned hangar at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport.

Over the weekend, Commander Premier executives sent an open letter to the Southeast Missourian, which stated that residents pressured city officials to take action against the cash-strapped company.

City manager Scott Meyer was intrigued by Commander’s strategy.

"It’s just kind of interesting that Commander had time to kind of lay it on the backs of Cape Girardeau citizens. They had time for all of that," Meyer says. "But they didn’t have time to appear in front of the judge and make and their case. It’s just kind of interesting what they chose to spend their time doing."

Meyer says the city should be able to proceed with the eviction within 14 days.

Commander Premier has not paid rent at the hangar since 2007.

Jacob McCleland, KRCU


It is time for me to speak out...the situation with Commander is strange...a couple months ago I was structuring a deal to purchase the company, possibly relocate it, was still deciding that point, and begin the long process of returning new Commander Aircraft to the skies...then the eviction stuff reared its requirement was for current Commander leadership resolve that situation, prior to investing several million. It appears that my offer and requirements have fallen on deaf a to the Sklayne, it is one of the most incredible flying machines. The point to this comment, is just to let those interested know, there are some out here who want the company...time will tell...

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