Tuesday, August 9, 2011

McCaskill on product "dumping" and industrial technology

JACKSON, MO (KRCU) - Senator Claire McCaskill says the U.S. needs improved enforcement of trade agreements. Otherwise, small and mid-sized Missouri manufacturers are unable to compete.

McCaskill alleges Chinese manufacturers illegally route products through Taiwan, relabel them ... and then sell these cheap products in the U-S market.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement should monitor this illegal activity. But McCaskill says their attention shifted elsewhere.

“They’ve been busy with illegal immigrant and haven’t spent enough time looking at the dumping that’s going on. So we’ve got to really focus on that. You know, sometimes it’s not about passing new laws, it’s about enforcing the laws that are on the books,” McCaskill said.

Senator McCaskill visited three manufacturing sites in Southeast Missouri on Monday, including a stop at Proctor & Gamble in Jackson.

She says it is doubtful that Congress will take up new legislation specifically designed to create new jobs.

It is more likely, she says, to tackle patent reform, trade agreements and regulations.

Standing in front of the Proctor & Gamble plant near Jackson, McCaskill added that American workers have been cursed by advances in industrial technology.

“This facility is a good example. Their productivity is way up, but they haven’t had a big increase in the number of employees because the technology has allowed them to be so much more productive. And that’s one of the reasons this has been a jobless recovery,” McCaskill said.

McCaskill also visited Saberliner in Perryville and Alan Wire Company in Sikeston.

Jacob McCleland, KRCU


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