Friday, September 23, 2011

Arne Duncan and Janet Napolitano visit Joplin high school

JOPLIN, MO (KSMU) - High school students in Joplin, Missouri, told US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Thursday that they are passionate about school, despite losing their high school building to a tornado in May.

Business students served Duncan up a cup of joe from their new coffee bar in the makeshift school, which used to be a mall. Each 11th and 12th grader now has a personal laptop, a gift from the United Arab Emirates after the tornado. While touring the facility, Duncan said Joplin’s recovery efforts are stunning.

"I think as Joplin reinvents itself, post the disaster, Joplin can actually help to lead the country to where we need to go educationally," Duncan said.

Duncan called the makeshift school "stunning" and said it reminded him of "a mini-college campus."

Joining Duncan in Joplin was Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

The May 22 storm that killed 162 people also destroyed or damaged 10 schools in the area.

Jennifer Moore, KSMU


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