Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Redhawks soccer: Shulman steps in leadership role

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KRCU) - When a freshman steps onto a college campus they immediately want to get to know people so they don’t feel alone.

For freshman athletes, like Erin Shulman of the Southeast Missouri State University soccer team, getting to know people is a requirement as part of the team.

Shulman says there are several things about being on the soccer team that have made her transition into college easier.

"I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all the girls and I think we became close really fast and I really enjoy just being on a team and knowing familiar faces around campus before everyone else got there," Shulman says. "Now it’s just easier it seems."

Shulman has already stepped up as a leader and is currently leading the team with five goals.

She said she feels the pressures of being a leader, but since she has played this role before it is nothing new to her.

The 4-2 Redhawks will travel to Saint Louis on Friday to take on Saint Louis University at 7 p.m.

Drew Yount, KRCU


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