Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Commander Premier eviction can proceed

BENTON, MO (KRCU) - Commander Premier Aircraft Corporation was scheduled for a hearing in Scott County Court on Monday.

Once again, representatives from Commander did not show up.

Judge Scott Horman awarded possession of the airport hangar to the city. The city now must wait ten days before physically removing Commander Premier from the property.

Cape Girardeau City Manager Scott Meyer says the hearing was a big step towards evicting the bankrupt manufacturer from the city-owned hangar.

"Commander, CPAC, didn’t show up so they had a default judgment which means that they were ready for us to file the paperwork to move toward eviction. Since they defaulted there was no need for a trial then, they signed the order, so now then there’s just some procedural things that we do and then we can execute on eviction," Meyer said.

This is not the first time Commander was a no-show in court. The company failed to send a representative before a bankruptcy judge in Texas earlier this month.

Meyer says all of Commander’s belongings are still in the airport hangar.

Jacob McCleland, KRCU


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