Thursday, February 3, 2011

Course redesign conference focuses on technology

Southeast Missouri State University hosted a conference yesterday on course redesign.

Guest speaker George Mehaffy stated that current institutions have become outdated, and universities must utilize present technology to enhance student learning.

Biology professor Allen Gathman illustrated course redesign by presenting several models of learning that encourage active learning. Dr. Gathman explains one such model, known as the 'Emporium Model' used at Jackson State Community College in Jackson, Tennessee.

"Instead of doing lectures or class meetings, you have a big room with a bunch of computers, and the students work on, essentially, self-paced software that then takes them from where they are through where they need to be, and you have people available all the time to answer questions in the room," Gathman explained.

Gathman says that Jackson State saw increased student post-test scores, better retention, and less cost per student.

Dr. Gathman stated that an important purpose of course redesign is for faculty members to rethink the way they deliver instruction by using unique technology in order to ultimatly improve student learning.

Daniel Rohr, KRCU


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