Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Treasurer Zweifel announces reduction in MOST administrative fees

Missouri Treasurer Clint Zweifel visited Missouri campuses on Tuesday touting a large reduction in administrative fees for the state's college savings program, known as MOST. 

At his stop at UMKC, Zweifel rattled off the big numbers, percentage points and statistics, emphasizing that the fees would be reduced by 44 percent. But he called for staff help when asked how much that would benefit an individual saver.

"The individual saver will save about 25 basic points," Zweifel said. "It comes to $25 for every ... ten thousand dollars."

Zweiful was focused on the big picture – $18.5 million in savings spread among 113,00 savers – plus a half-million-dollar assistance package... the details of which will be announced at a future Zweifel news conference.

Zweifel was scheduled to appear at a news conference at Southeast Missouri State University today, but ended up canceling his visit to Cape Girardeau.

Steve Bell, KCUR Kansas City


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