Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Missouri AG unveils plan to counter domestic violence

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has unveiled his plans to strengthen domestic violence laws in the state.

The 12 recommendations include moving prosecution of repeat abusers to state, rather than municipal courts and giving judges more options for orders of protection.

The changes are budget-neutral, says Colleen Coble , the CEO of the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. And she says they may help relieve the financial burden on social service agencies.

“If we expand the types of protection, we expand those offenses that are arrestable, we will actually have I believe a lesser demand on the need for emergency safe shelter, so we can meet our goal which is, you get to stay safely in your home,” Coble said.

Koster drafted the recommendations based on a series of task force meetings last year. If the General Assembly approves Koster’s proposals, it would be the first update to the laws in 30 years.

Rachel Lippman, St. Louis Public Radio


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