Thursday, February 17, 2011

McCaskill sounds off on budget cuts, Egypt

In a telephone conference call Thursday, Senator Claire McCaskill stated that larger budget cuts need to be utilized for large corporations, such as the oil industry, in order to ease the financial strain on taxpayers.

The Senator also commented positively on the uprisings in Egypt,

"I think it is always good when people want to rise up and feel that incredible lift that freedom gives, and I think that's what happened in Egypt," McCaskill said. "This was a rising up. Good old fashioned people saying 'we want to speak freely and we want to be able to elect our leaders.'"

McCaskill stated that the strong relationship between U.S. and Egyptian militaries is helping U.S. knowledge of overseas events. But it is important for the U.S. military to not intervene, in order to maintain respect for other nations.

Daniel Rohr, KRCU


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