Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Missouri Land Reclamation Commission grants one hearing, denies the other

The Missouri Land Reclamation Commission made a decision Monday regarding formal hearings for two quarry companies, Strack Excavating and Heartland Materials, who are trying to obtain permits to put quarries in Fruitland.

The Commission granted a formal hearing regarding the permit proposal for Strack Excavating but denied a hearing for the Heartland Materials proposal.

Heartland Materials will now be able to move forward and obtain a mining permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Strack Excavating will now have to go through a formal hearing which will mean more in-depth testimony from both Strack and the people of Fruitland.

The decision to grant a hearing for the Strack Excavating quarry proposal came as a response to concerns about proximity to Saxony Lutheran High School and the lack of a buffering zone along the property line of the high school.

The hearing officer can also take into account the company's two notices of violation and two letters of warning that the company has received in the last 10 years. These violations include emissions violations and a failure to submit paperwork.

The hearing will take place in front of an independent hearing officer appointed by Missouri's Administrative Hearing Commission.

Katie Long, KRCU


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