Thursday, May 12, 2011

Agencies meet with flood victims; Pinhook struggles to be reborn

CHARLESTON, MO (KRCU) - Officials from numerous state agencies visited Charleston, Poplar Bluff, New Madrid, Sikeston, and Caruthersville over two days this week to meet with residents who have been affected by this spring’s record flood.

Agencies provided information on unemployment benefits, how to seek damage compensation, and mental health services, among others.

Debra Tarver met with several agencies at the Community Response Meeting in Charleston. She is from the village of Pinhook - population 24 - which sits in the Birds Point spillway.

Despite government efforts to help rebuild, she’s not sure if Pinhook will ever be reborn.

“I want to. But everybody else is pretty much older. You know, it’s a lot of older people there. I don’t know if the young people would go back there at this point. I just don’t know. Financially, it’s hard to say,” Tarver said.

Governor Jay Nixon announced $25 million in disaster relief money for Mississippi, New Madrid, Butler, Taney, and St. Louis Counties. President Barack Obama has declared the same counties a disaster area.

Jacob McCleland, KRCU


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