Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fake pot bill moves to Nixon's desk

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (MISSOURI DIGITAL NEWS) - Missouri's governor is the final step for a bill that bans so-called bath salts and fake pot.

The measure would get two synthetic drugs -- K-3 and bath salts -- off the market.

It passed the House with 90 percent support.

West Plains Republican Ward Franz talks about what bath salts did to one man.

"He didn't show up for work. He didn't show up to pick up his kids," Franz said. "They found him barricaded in his garage because he was hallucinating and hearing voices."

Franz says sellers are getting around the law by labeling bath salts as not for human consumption.

But St. Louis Democrat Mike Colona says the effects of bath salts and K-3 are much different.

"If you talk to law enforcement, there are two different issues. One leads to neurosis, uncontrollable activities. The other puts you to sleep," Colona says.

Colona says the bill would hurt businesses that also sell legal drugs.

It's not the first time state lawmakers have done battle with these drugs. They banned another form of fake pot, called K-2, last year.

The bill's next stop is Gov. Jay Nixon's desk.

Theo Keith, Missouri Digital News


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