Friday, May 27, 2011

Bloomfield Road residents express displeasure over city trail

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KRCU) - The city invites residents to come and share their ideas on planned road construction, and got a fair share of food for thought.

By one man’s estimate, at least 25 people attended the event to voice their displeasure over a multi-modal trail that will run along the eastern side of a renovated stretch of Bloomfield Road in Cape Girardeau.

The plan and more specifically the trail has come under fire when it was discovered that its planned route will run through a private park.

The man who built the park and subdivision, Robert Penrod, was on hand Thursday night. He says “it’s all wrong.”

"Now they’re using it on the, on the park side and later on all the way down behind those apartment buildings there gonna take out all the trees, some of that wall will be eight feet high. It's taking away some of the goodness of that subdivision."

However, Cape Girardeau City Engineer Kelly Green, says that the subdivision association signed off on the plan.

"Our trail is on our right of way and the subdivision association did sign off on all the easements that we had to have so we moved forward with our contract or with bidding the project and we have a contractor on board and were gonna be starting June first," Green said.

The construction will take place on Bloomfeild Rd. starting just south of Stonebridge Drive down to the Benton Hill Rd. intersection.

Construction on Bloomfeild Rd. will begin June first and will reopen as late as January.

Tim Fillla, KRCU


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