Monday, May 9, 2011

Mississippi River crests at most places in Missouri

The Mississippi River has crested at most points in Missouri.

The river at Cairo was at 58.3 feet as of 4 a.m. this morning, and it will continue to fall. Despite the falling river, the mandatory evacuation for Cairo remains in place.

The river has also crested at New Madrid and is beginning to fall. The river level this morning is at 47.5 feet.

And the Mississippi is finally falling, albeit slowly, at Caruthersville. The river t is at 47.2 feet this morning. It crested at 47.6 feet on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reports the river is 3 miles across at Memphis. The river is typically one-half mile wide. The river is expected to crest on Tuesday at 48 feet at Memphis. The record crest is 48.7 feet. The record was set in the 1937 flood.

This is the first time that the Mississippi has exceeded 41 feet since 1937.


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