Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Contaminated soils found in three St. Francois County schools

The EPA is removing lead-contaminated soil and replacing them with clean soils at three schools in Farmington.

Action to remove and replace soils began last week and should be completed, weather permitting, by the end of the week.

The schools are Jefferson Elementary School, W.L. Johns Early Childhood, and Truman Kindergarten. Those three facilities are attended by children whose ages put them at greatest risk of health effects from toxic lead exposure, according to a release by the EPA.

Removal work also began recently at five other area schools, including North County Primary in Bonne Terre; Parkside Elementary in Desloge; and Central Elementary, West Elementary and Special Acres in Park Hills.

Meanwhile, EPA risk assessors are reviewing the results of recent tests showing elevated levels of lead in soils at 10 of 11 public parks surveyed in St. Francois County.


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