Thursday, June 30, 2011

McCaskill blames bipartisanship for budget standoff

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill feels that the biggest obstacle to fixing the nation’s budgetary woes is partisanship.

The Missouri Democrat told reporters on Wednesday that too many politicians are not willing to defy the base of their parties.

In addition, she feels that those who attempt to fix the debt crises using only one mechanism such as spending cuts or revenue increases are, quote, “dead wrong”

She said that a balanced plan must be adopted instead of the slash-and-burn approach proposed by Republicans.

“They wanna cut off mid year, any programs that are currently there for corn growers and ethanol in Missouri. But they wont touch the billions of dollars we’re giving to big oil… what’s up with that?!” McCaskill said.

In addition to debt reform, Senator McCaskill discussed her opposition to Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan’s budget … and mismanagement of Arlington National Cemetery.

Tim Filla, KRCU


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