Thursday, June 16, 2011

McCaskill will not change her use of social media

In the wake of "Wiener-gate," in which Congressman Anthony Weiner has acknowledged exchanging sexually suggestive messages and photos through Twitter, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says the scandal will not change the way she uses social media.

Senator McCaskill has embraced the use of social media and uses Twitter daily. She says it's fun and keeps her grounded and connected to people in Missouri. McCaskill says even as Congressman Weiner's use or mis-use of the popular social networking site has some calling for his resignation, she will remain an active Tweeter.

"The problem was not with Twitter. The problem was with the Twit, who clearly has issues," McCaskill said.

McCaskill says she is the only one who Tweets from her account. And her messages are unedited and have not gone through any review process. She thinks more Senators should use social media in this way.

Julie Bierach, St. Louis Public Radio


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