Thursday, April 7, 2011

Democrats and Republicans point finger at other party for budget delays

A possible government shutdown may be in the cards and Democrats and Republicans are busy blaming each other.

When asked why the Democratic budget plan was not finished at the beginning of the last fiscal year, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill points the finger at bipartisanism.

"There is an equal opportunity for blame here on why we did not get the budget done last year," McCaskill said. "The Republicans were not wanting to help with that process. They wanted to blame us for not getting a budget and they wanted us to hold off so they could try to put their priorities in place which you’re seeing happen right now. This was part of their strategy."

However Missouri Senator Roy Blunt feels the problem has been caused by poor negotiation when the House was under Democratic control.

"We’re dealing with issue that they could have resolved any way they wanted to last year," Blunt said. "So their negotiating position is dramatically impacted by their unwillingness to deal with these issues when they were totally in control."

Daniel Rohr, KRCU


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