Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kinder's car set on fire

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (MISSOURI DIGITAL NEWS) - Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder's car went up in flames Monday after two men stole the unattended car and set it on fire.

Kinder left the keys inside his car while he was speaking at an event in Cape Girardeau.

The two men tried unsuccessfully to break into a nearby gun shop by ramming the car into its entrance.

They abandoned the car on a county road and set fire to it, police say.

The owner of the gun store says Kinder is actually a customer.

Kinder stopped by to talk with employees the next day and explain what happened.

The car was paid for by the "Friends of Peter Kinder" campaign in 2009.

Police have arrested one of the men and are still looking for the other.


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