Friday, April 8, 2011

Filibuster ends in Missouri Senate

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (MISSOURI DIGITAL NEWS) - A group of Senators opposed to a plan to accept federal funds to extend unemployment benefits for Missourians, ended their filibuster Thursday after accepting a compromise with Senate leaders.

As part of the deal, Senate leaders say they will cut $250 million from federal stimulus projects for Missouri. The plan also cuts the maximum weeks of state unemployment benefits from 26 to 20.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Tom Dempsey says states do look to the federal government for some funding.

"You know, it just means difficult decisions at all levels and I'm just glad that we were able to take one step forward today," Dempsey said.

Republican St. Louis County Senator Jim Lembke was part of the filibuster. He says the United States is a country in crisis.

"We're talking about shutting our federal government down yet we're talking about continuing to take money they've borrowed from China. This is a great victory for the taxpayers of Missouri today," Lembke said.

Senate Leader Rob Mayer says while Lembke succeeded in sending back federal funds, he questions the effectiveness of the message.

Andew Weil, Missouri Digital News


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