Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mo. Dept. of Health: No need to worry about trace nuclear material

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (MISSOURI DIGITAL NEWS) - A Department of Health spokesperson says there is no need for concern of radiation in Missouri despite the nuclear meltdown from Japan.

Trace amounts of nuclear material have been found in states bordering Missouri, according to the EPA.

In the aftermath of Japan's nuclear meltdown in March, speculation has arisen about radioactivity.

Department of Health communication director Jacqueline Lapine says there is nothing to worry about. She says the amounts found around the country are hundreds of times below the regulation limit.

"Currently we have not received any reports of increased radiation from the EPA testing sites," Lapine said.

Lapine says the public should not be concerned with radiation and should live life normally.

The EPA’s David Bryan says there have been no readings of radioactive material in any of Missouri's four reading stations.

Trace amounts of radioactive material have been found in Illinois and Iowa, but Bryan says there is no need to be concerned.

"In none of those samples have we found anything that represents a health hazard," Bryan said.

Bryan says though trace amounts have been found in other states, the readings are well below any dangerous levels.

Brian Pepoon, Missouri Digital News


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