Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kinder under scrutiny for hotel expenses

Another Missouri lawmaker is under scrutiny for high travelling expenses.

After spending more than $35,000 on St. Louis area hotels, Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder says he will pay the state back using campaign funds.

Kinder's travelling dates back to 2006.

Missouri's Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Teter says Kinder's spending needs to be evaulated by taxpayers.

"I think that at this point the taxpayers need to do a strong evaluation on Peter Kinder and really ask themselves if they're willing to pay for his extravagant lifestyle they are flipping the bill for," Teter said.

Kinder's spending comes only a month after it was revealed Governor Jay Nixon has billed $400 thousand to state angencies to cover his flight costs.

St. Louis Democratic Representative Jamilah Nasheed says Kinder is right to pay back taxpayers.

"At the end of the day politics is perception. Even though that may have been legal, the perception of government spending for personal use is not acceptable," Nasheed said.

Nasheed has pushed to strip money from Gov. Nixon's travel budget.

Last week the House passed its version of the budget which included a half million dollar cut to Nixon's travel.

Emily Kissee, Missouri Digital News


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