Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missouri House recommends axing Carnahan's district

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (MISSOURI DIGITAL NEWS) - The Missouri House Redistricting Committee passed a map that would eliminate Democrat Russ Carnahan's congressional seat in St. Louis.

Republican committee chairman John Diehl proposed the map that looks very similar to the one passed in the Senate on Monday.

"Everybody's criticizing it, but nobody can show you anything better. So it's probably a pretty good map," Diehl said. "And I think the fact that the Senate and the Democrats came up with a map that's only about two percent different than this one ... I think tells you we are probably pretty close to the right answer."

Democratic Representatives Penny Hubbard and Jamilah Nasheed from St. Louis both served on the committee and voted for the new map.

Even though St. Louis lost a district, Nasheed says it will strengthen the city.

"It should be one, because the city of St. Louis is polarized right now. I think now is the time to be able to do away with the polarization in the city of St. Louis and I think this will help," Nasheed said

The only "no" vote came from Crystal City Democrat Ron Casey, who's from the congressional district that's going away.

Diehl's map will now go to the House floor.

Brian Bondus, Missouri Digital News


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