Thursday, April 7, 2011

Unemployment benefits hinge on Missouri Senate Republicans

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (MISSOURI DIGITAL NEWS) - Filibustering Republicans in the Missouri Senate gave Governor Jay Nixon an ultimatum: send back some federal stimulus money to end the filibuster or continue to keep the money and risk termination of unemployment benefits on Saturday.

Senators Jim Lembke and Brian Nieves found ways to cut 300 of the 570 million stimulus dollars allotted to Missouri from the indebted federal government.

The senators say they will compromise and let the benefits extension pass to a floor vote if the governor cuts certain projects.

Nieves cites a $22 million study of high speed rails as an unnecessary project. He says it's up to the governor to decide what's more important.

"So, what needs to happen here is the governor needs to decide whether or not these ridiculous pet projects are more important than these Missouri families," Nieves said.

Saint Joseph Senator Rob Schaaf is also a filibustering Republican Senator.

He says he's doing so because of the irresponsible federal spending that's put the country in debt.

"The federal government is spending us into oblivion. They're putting our children and grandchildren in deep debt and they're essentially enslaving their futures for many years," Schaaf said.

Senator Lembke says they've extended the olive branch. The governor has yet to meet with the Senators.

Kyle Toms, Missouri Digital News


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