Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Few evacuations reported in Cape

Cape Girardeau Emergency Management Director Mark Hasheider says that there have been few residential and commercial evacuations in Cape.

Due to the buyouts following the 1993 flood, few residences are left unprotected by Cape’s river wall or levee. Hasheider says that most of those homes fall in Cape Girardeau’s Red Star district, north of the casino site. There are also some residences in the Meadowbrook area near the interstate.

Roads near the river and creeks are the most susceptible to flooding, Hasheider says. Due to saturation, areas that do not normally flood could quickly become inundated.

The biggest challenge for Cape Girardeau’s Emergency Management Team, he says, is to convince people to never drive through standing pools of water on roads and to use extreme caution when driving in or near flooded areas.


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