Friday, April 15, 2011

GOP supermajority splinters in Mo. Senate

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (MISSOURI DIGITAL NEWS) - The top Democrat in Missouri's House says the standoff within the Republican supermajority is slowing down important legislation.

Mike Talboy watched as Missouri's legislature fractured.

The House's Republican leaders decided not to have floor debate on Monday, saying there's nothing to do.

Talboy says he's never seen that before.

"It's disappointing that we get to some sort of standoff where we decide that we're going to adjourn early. It is what it is at this point," Talboy said.

In what House Republicans portrayed as a snub, they say their counterparts in the Senate refused to work out differences over redrawing district lines.

Because of that, House Republican leader Tim Jones says there's nothing for the House to do on Monday.

"If the Senate had responded to our request on the redistricting map, we would very likely have had something to do," Jones said.

Both chambers have confined St. Louis City to a single district, eliminating Russ Carnahan's seat. Regardless, rural Senate Republicans are complaining about the way the redistricting lines are drawn.

Senate Republicans have also stalled a measure to give tax breaks to businesses who create jobs.

The same with allowing Ameren Missouri to charge ratepayers to build a second nuclear power plant...

...Spending nearly $190 million in federal funds for education...

...And accepting a quarter-billion dollars in stimulus money.

Lawmakers have less than a month, until May 13, to pass these measures.

Two high-profile bills, extending unemployment benefits and rolling back dog breeding restrictions, have already passed.

Theo Keith, Missouri Digital News


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